New book! Computation and the Humanities: towards an oral history of Digital Humanities

I’ve recently finished work on a new book called Computation and the Humanities: towards an oral history of Digital Humanities. It will be published later this year by Springer as part of their series on Cultural Computing (see here). Thanks to the generous support provided by UCL’s open access office it will be possible to publish it under an open access licence.

The book will contain 4 new chapters and 13 oral history interviews. I’ll add some details of the interviews over the coming days. In the meantime here is the book’s table of contents:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction (or, the history of Digital Humanities: once neglected, now emerging and absolutely necessary)

Chapter 2: Why oral history?

Chapter 3:  Individuation is there in all the different strata: John Burrows and Hugh Craig

Chapter 4: The University was still taking account of universitas scientiarum: Wilhelm Ott

Chapter 5: hic Rhodus, hic salta: Tito Orlandi

Chapter 6: They took a chance: Susan Hockey

Chapter 7: The influence of algorithmic thinking: Judy Malloy

Chapter 8: I would think of myself as sitting inside the computer: Mary Dee Harris

Chapter 9: There had to be a better way: John Nitti

Chapter 10: It’s a little mind-boggling: Helen Agüera

Chapter 11: I heard about the arrival of the computer: Hans Rutimann

Chapter 12: For a long time I mourned the University: Michael Sperberg-McQueen

Chapter 13: It’s probably the only modestly widely used system with a command language in Latin: Manfred Thaller

Chapter 14: Getting computers into Humanists’ thinking: John Bradley

Chapter 15: Moderate expectations, tolerable disappointments: Claus Huitfeldt

Chapter 16: So, into the chopper it went: Gabriel Egan

Chapter 17: Revolutionaries and Underdogs

Chapter 18: Conclusion

Julianne Nyhan

Professor of Humanities Data Science and Methodology, TU Darmstadt, Main research: Digital Humanities, Oral History, History of Computing and Collections as Data. Publications:

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